Sep 252012

Carl Pettersson CWC 2012 from Carl Pettersson on Vimeo.

So have now spent 2 awesome weeks at CWC that I will try to sum up.

Stayed at a lovely family just outside, being the only gest was fine as they are so kind all the time.
It is low season so not much people but managed to meet two Aussie dudes that also stayed here during most of my two weeks. We had great of fun together and did alot of good riding.

I have learned more tricks then I can count and my board is almost gone, having a big cut in it from some dull sliders in New Zealand that has become worse during the time here.

This is a lovely place to stay at, people are really nice and it is cheap. The facility is old so quiet weared down like what most things in Philippines feels like.

Tomorrow I will leave for Manila and then Singapore.

Jul 072012

After Sydney I whent to the SFPE conference in Hong Kong. It was great of fun both during the conference but also the spare time after. The people there was great and it felt really good for me knowing that my future colleges and workmates will be some good blokes. I spent five days in the big city then I jumped on a plane down to Manila, Philippines.

Jun 152012

Arrived to Sydney yesterday, after a hard journey with all my baggage I got to Holmes office in the CBD where Erik met me. We took the ferry over to Manly beach, made some dinner and got reasonably early to bed. It is much warmer her but still not as warm as I would imagine Aussie.

Today I have met the people at the office and Ove who is the new intern from my University here. I went for a short walk to the Opera house and botanical gardens, now back in office again soon lunch together and tonight there will be some beers. Hopefully will I get into the water and surf tomorrow, waves are looking good!


Jun 132012

Last day at work now, feels very sad. Will have dinner and good bye drinks tonight then tomorrow I´m of to Sydney.

This week we went out fishing with the fire side, it was really nice and a great final week adventure. We got some red cod´s up in the boat and ate lots of good food. Will miss my work mates really much they have been all great.

Some weeks ago I planted my avocado tree as a small mission (third try to be honest) and it has been growing good.

Will now plant it into a pot and hope my replacement Christoffer will take care of it.

Went up for a bit of work last Friday to Gisborne (East coast).

After the work I hired me a surfboard and a bike to ride out to the surf 5 km from town. The waves were small but the famous spot gave me lots of good surf. Spent my night there watched the first sunrise in the world at 6 in the morning and then headed to the beach for a Saturday session aswell. Back in Wellington I invited my fiends in for some leaving drinks and watch a game of All Blacks rugby before we went to town. Good times, will miss this place and all lovely people.

May 312012

Better late than never, time to get some life in this blog again, cause soon there will be lots of travelling!

So the wakeboard comp thing King of the Show in Auckland went all right. I believe I did the best of what was there. It was fun to see all the riders again and I met some more friends. The show thing wasnt much to put in a Christmas tree with no crowd some-half serious-we-are-super-cool judges, cold, dark and maybe not the best planning. (you can tell it did´nt go to well for me). Made it to the semifinal, did´nt get any practise so had to make up trick as it went along, not having slided or jumped for a while did make its mark when it came to land the tricks, which was hard enough in the small pool. Had some falls in the semifinal, plus the judges missed to count one of my runs, so that was the end for me.

Had a great time up in Auckland though. Got up Wednesday and worked in the Holmes Fire office up there which was really nice. It is a different feeling, enviroment and people within the office up there which was very interesting to experience. I did two quick projects up there and some small work inputs, but other than that I had the opertunity to be shown around to all the cool buildings they have been working on. One is the new ASB Bank head quarters building, which is a huge atrium with openings and bridges between the floors, with external walls ending up in a big chimney at the top suporting the ventilation through the building which is non-mechanic and only natural controlled by the number of windows opened. See pictures.


On the Satureday I followed my wakeboard friend Ben down to Hamilton where he lives now and made him drive out to the famous surf mecha Raglan, maybe 1.5 hours away. The scenery and the place was amazing, I hired a board and went out quickly in the epic waves but didn’t have much time, at least I have now surfed the lefts in Raglan!

I only have 2 weeks left of my epic time in New Zealand know, very sad. I will on my way try to do allot of stops starting of with four days in Sydney. I got my flights and will be staying at Erik´s place who works in the Holmes Fire office there, will have a visit to the office and then do a bit of surfing maybe.

After Sydney I will be heading over to Hong Kong for the yearly SFPE conference (fire engineering stuff). There I will meet my headmaster and some teachers from Lund University. After those four days my plan is to get to the Philippines and the CWC wakeboard cable park and stay as long as it is fun, one other stop I want to do is Singapore and then down to Bali for some real surfing, but nothing is booked yet. I believe the best travel experiences comes from when you are spontaneous and open minded.

Just got invited to my first invitational wakeboard comp, this one up in Auckland seems to be really fun. Luckily I had already planned to visit Auckland and our office up there so this wakeboard comp fits perfectly into does plans.

Last year I was involved from top to toes with Lund Wakefest 2011, it became very successful and the largest wakeboard event in Sweden, with an awesome audience of 1000 people and 30 of the nordic top riders. This year I try to help my friends in Lunds Extremsportsällskap as much as I can. Now has the 2012 teaser just come out, have a look and make sure to go to the best for fest event of the year in Lund.

LESS is more!

Have´nt updated this blog for long time now. I have lost my camera and been focusing lots on work lately, but in the weekends I have managed to get some time on the water, both in waves and behind boat. Last weekend me and some new kiteboarding friends where up Taranaki way for surf and kite. It was a great weekend and I got to try a kite for first time. It was very scary and got blown away along the beach one time before I somehow got the feeling for how to stay in one place, hope I will be able to learn the noble skill of flying soon.

Last week we WindyWellyWakeboarders set up a small photo shot a Thursday evening by the waterfront. We winched under the green lighted wharf and got some cool shots. The riding was´nt that hard only the swim out with the rope for every run :P .

More photos taken by Stuart McKenzie here and by NZ Empire here:

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